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Silk Embroidered Altar Cloth, BEAUVESTE1408R

Silk Embroidered Altar Cloth, BEAUVESTE1408R
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Product Description

An elegant silk embroidered altar cloth made of superb quality 100% polyester. This exquisite linen portrays a handcrafted scalloped design that gives an elegant look to the altar. Coupled with an easy to maintain quality, this altar linen makes it ideal for main and side altar cover as they can be custom-made.

Colour variants available for the silk embroidery are red, green, purple, gold, white and blue.

(Note: Image on top is the actual design of the silk embroidery. Colours on inset image references available colours for the silk embroidery though it may vary depending on resolution of monitor. The inset table/chart shows the necessary dimension required for your order.)

Cloth has an overall width of 58". Depth is 8-1/2". Maximum length available is only 15.0 yards. If order exceeds 15 yards, please give a breakdown on the cuts needed.

Price listing is per yard basis. Please convert length of fabric to yards if measurement is made in meters. (1 meter = 1.0931 yards)

For proper measurement of your order, please refer to inset sketch on the photo and furnish necessary dimension (A, B, C, D) when placing your order.

A : Actual width of mensa

B : Front drop of altar cloth required

C : Actual length of mensa top

D : Side drops of altar cloth required

E : Backdrop

Example: (Specify the measurements in inches according to the inset table) A=36", B=8", C=54", D=40". Total Length: [C + (D x 2)] = 134"

Brand : Beau Veste