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Gil's Bible Jumble™ CD-ROM

Gil's Bible Jumble™ CD-ROM
Item# CGD803
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Product Description

Someone has taken verses from the Bible and hidden them in the forest. Gil needs your help to search through the forest, find the missing verses and return them to the correct Book of the Bible. Gil's Bible Jumble features beautiful cartoon graphics, many different soundtracks and is completely narrated by Gil so that it can be played by children who can not read. It is your job to help guide Gil on an adventure through the forest visiting different books of the Bible and helping to find and return the correct missing verses to them. This is a great game for kids to learn many different verses from the Bible. It is impossible for anyone to lose. Even very small children that can't read yet can play on the smallest map and just through random clicking will win the game and have a lot of fun. And while playing they will hear many different Bible verses read to them by Gil. For the older or more advanced player it, will be challenging to return the verse not only to the correct book of the Bible, but also to identify the correct chapter and verse for bonus points! Each time you play Gil's Bible Jumble you will get a different map, so you can play Gil's Bible Jumble many times and get a different game every time. A 1-player game for ages 4 and up. Minimum System Requirements: Windows 95, 66 MHz 486, 16MB RAM, 2x CD-ROM drive, 10MB Hard Drive space.