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Modern Prie Dieu, MJ208

Modern Prie Dieu, MJ208
Item# MJ208
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Product Description

Modern Prie Dieu, MJ208

A contemporary modern Prie Dieu MJ208 is a clean and symmetrically designed kneeler with a simple, clean look to it. A well constructed piece of furniture consisting of a comfortable cushioned area to kneel on and a built-in ledge for books. Prie Dieu measures 24"W x 24"D x 32"H and made of oak and oak veneer.

Wood Finish:

Available in light oak, medium oak, and dark oak and walnut on oak finish. Please indicate preferences on the option's drop down menu button.

Please note also all furniture from MJ are constructed from oak and veneer oak material.


Varied choices of fabrics are available : Interweave fabrics, Sherpa fabrics and Shire fabrics.

Interweave fabrics include : Amethyst, Aspen, Basil, Black, Bordeaux, Brick, Cabernet, Cactus, Cadet, Capri, Carnival, Charcoal, Chili, Claret, Coal, Dark Blue, Dark Mauve, Eggplant, Emerald, Everton Blue, Federal, Foliage, Gold, Hingham Green, Honeycomb, Indigo, Iris, Jade, Jasmine, Laguna, Liberty, Maroon, Mayan, Moonstone, New Lilac, Ocean, Orchid, Periwinkle, Platinum, Plum, Powder, Quartz, Rose, Rose Quartz, Rosemary, Ruby, Sable, Sapphire, Scarlet, Sea Foam, Slate, Stone, Tarragon, Teal, Tumbleweed, Twilight, Walnut, Welch and Westham.

Sherpa Fabrics include : Amber, Willow, Romaine, Brittany, Jamboree, ugarplum, Prairie, Burgundy, Brown Haze, Moss, Jade, Academy Blue, Purple Sage, Berry, Terracotta, Maroon, Gargoyle, Kiwi, Teal, Royal, Viola, Mauve, Red, Sparkler, Grey Mix, Hunter, Empress, Dark Blue, True Blue, Grape, Cardinal, Autumn, Grey Hunter, Billiard, Hudson Bay, Ivy League, Blue Iris, Purple Velvet, Scarlet, Rosewood, Black, Neptune, Indigo, Navy, Special Blue, Concord and Garnet.

Shire fabric includes : Bohemist, Nectar, Eucalyptus, Hummingbird, Lavender, Herald, Nantucket, Strawberry, Oxford, Oyster, Marigold, Patina, Mint Julep, Cottage Purple, Grey Lilac, Wild Cherry, Red Rose, Ascot, Sesame, Tiger Lily, Pesto, Chive, Flora, Amethyst, Mesa, Valentine, Greysstone, Laurel, Pine, Mystic, Titan Blue, Lobelia, Veranda, Terrace, Plantation, Cape Cod, Heath, Steel Blue, Tuscan Blue, Petunia, Orchid, Frontier, Fossil, Rain Forest, Green Bay, Commodore, Jamboree, Very Berry, Black Cherry, Country, Black Marble, Espresso, Dragonfly, Midnight, Ink, Jewel, Regatta Blue and Carmine.

Please refer to inset image for colour reference and fabric choice (Colours may vary depending on monitors resolution). However, fabric samples can be made available upon request.

Indicate preference on the option's drop down button when placing your orders.

Also available : MJ-508 Prie Dieu