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High Back Celebrant's Chair, WOERNER3732, WOERNER3733

High Back Celebrant's Chair, WOERNER3732, WOERNER3733
Item# WOERNER3732
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Product Description

High Back Celebrant's Chair, WOERNER3732, WOERNER3733

A beautifully crafted celebrant's chair with a high and un-upholstered back, WOERNER3732 measures 30"W x 24"D x 45"H (Please refer to photo image for details).

However, an option to choose this celebrant's chair with upholstered back[WOERNER3733] is available. Please indicate preference at option/style button for your preference.


Available in a choice of forty (40) fabric design: Shire Red Rose, Sherpa Amber, Sherpa Hunter, Sherpa Jade, Sherpa Academy, Sherpa Cardinal, Sherpa Brown Haze, Sherpa Concord, Sherpa Grape, Sherpa Billiard, Sherpa Scarlet, Sherpa Brittany, Sherpa Grey Mix, Sherpa Hudson Bay, Sherpa Willow, Sherpa Grey Heather, Shire Herald, Shire Hummingbird, Shire Ink, Shire Nectar, Shire Oyster" Sherpa Maroon, Sherpa Moss, Sherpa Purple Velvet, Sherpa Indigo, Sherpa Navy, Sherpa Black, Sherpa Ivy League, Sherpa Dark Blue, Sherpa Berry, Sherpa Gargoyle, "Shire Koala, Shire Sesame, Shire Patina, Shire HopsacK, Shire Espresso, Shire Pine, Shire Steel Blue, Sherpa Newport and Sherpa Autumn. Please note actual fabric may exhibit variation n tone due to printing procedures and no guarantee can be made of an exact match. Please indicate preferences at the option's drop down button for add-on when purchasing.

Wood Finish:

Available in 16 different wood colours finishes: Light Oak, Harvest Oak, Fruitwood, Amber, Medium Oak, Rosewood, Limed Oak, Antique Cheery, Walnut, Pecan, Natural Oak, Dark Oak, Golden Oak, Sienna, Mahogany and Sunset. (You may refer to inset image to view colour shades of wood.) Please indicate preference on the option's drop down button when placing an order.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Actual finished pieces may exhibit variation in grain and tone due to the natural characteristics of the wood. NO EXACT MATCH is guaranteed except for shape, size and quality of the unit.

Also available: WOERNER2030; WOERNER3702

Brand: Woerner

Woerner Product Number : 3732 Wooden High Back Celebrant's Chair; 3703 Upholstered High Back Celebrant's Chair